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  • FAQ's

    When do I need to start my puppy or kitten vaccines?
    Vaccines are usually started between 7-8 weeks of age, and are given every 3 weeks until they reach 16 weeks.

    When should I spay/neuter my cat or dog?
    Pets can be spayed or neutered anytime after 4 months of age.

    Why does my pet need vaccines every year?
    Vaccines are recommended every year in order to maintain a high level of immunity in case of exposure to other animals that have not been vaccinated. It is also a requirement in most communities that your pet be vaccinated for Rabies.

    When do I start my dog or cat on flea prevention?
    Flea prevention should be started in early spring and continue through November. If you are seeing fleas, be sure to apply your flea preventive for at least 3 months in a row to control all of the life cycles.

    When should I start my heartworm prevention?
    Heartworm preventive can be started anytime after a negative heartworm test. You may give heartworm preventive year round, as it also controls intestinal parasites. If not given year round, start on it in the early spring and continue through November and the risk of mosquito bites are over.

    Why does my pet need to have a heartworm test every year if I keep it on the prevention?
    Not only do we test for heartworm, but also tick borne diseases such as Lyme Disease and Ehrlichia. If dosages are not given consistently on the same day each month, there could be a possibility of heartworm breakthrough infection.